International Travel Toolkit

Checklist for Faculty, Staff and Postdocs

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2 - 3 Months Before Travel

  Get a passport: check that your passport will be valid for 6 months after you return

  Determine if you will need a visa: try the Yale Travel Management and CIBT websites

  Schedule a consultation with the Yale Travel Health clinic or your physician 

  Plan your work and travel with Yale guidelines in mind:

2 Weeks Before Travel

  Read the State Department’s Country Specific Information for your destination(s)

  Register your travel

  Obtain a supply of your medications to last the duration of your trip

  • Consult the embassy (or ask your travel health physician) if your medications are legal in your destination (many medications common in the U.S. are illegal in other countries)
  • Take a copy of the prescription; keep the medications in their original containers; transport in carry-on

  Consider personal property insurance if taking expensive electronics or other personal belongings

  Make sure you understand how your health insurance coverage works abroad (see 9 Pre-departure Tips, tip 4 for more info) and purchase additional coverage if necessary (HTH Worldwide and FrontierMEDEX are options)

  Look into cell phones and other ways to communication from abroad

1 Week Before Travel

  Read helpful safety tips and understand how to prepare yourself for emergencies

  Practice being aware of your surroundings (aka ‘situational awareness’)

  Fill out and print your FrontierMEDEX card; learn how FrontierMEDEX works (it’s NOT insurance)

  • Leave a copy of the card with a friend or family, or scan & email it to yourself and others

  Clean out your wallet; take only necessary cards and ID

  Make photocopies of important documents

  • Take a copy of each, leave a copy at home, or scan & email to yourself and others

  Passport identification page and visa

  Driver’s license

  Insurance cards

  Credit cards (front and back)

  Flight and other travel itineraries

  Immunizations and prescriptions; other important medical history (e.g., surgeries, severe allergies)

  Notify your bank and credit card companies where and when you’ll be traveling; check with your credit card to make sure your card will work in your destination

  Exchange enough cash to last the first few days in your destination or plan to withdraw cash at an airport ATM or currency exchange kiosk

  Download the Yale VPN client to access online resources

  Make sure your laptop, smartphone, etc. are secure