Accepting a Temporary Appointment Overseas


If you are a faculty member considering an appointment overseas, your planning must include a review of applicable Yale policies and requirements as well as certain U.S. and international regulations. 

The particulars of the appointment will need to comply with both:

  • Yale’s faculty leave policies.  In general, any planned absence from campus during the academic year that would cause a disruption in the teaching of classes requires a leave of absence.  Please refer to the Faculty Handbook or your cognizant provost for guidance.
  • Yale’s Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy, and related approvals required for external appointments.

You will also need to look into what visas and permits will be needed to enter the country and conduct your work; identify U.S. and host-country tax obligations that may result from your overseas employment; and understand the risks and restrictions connected to taking laptops and other electronic devices abroad.  Local requirements may be complex and significant, and will differ depending on the host country.

Yale faculty traveling outside the U.S. should refer to Yale’s international travel orientations before departure for information and tools on travel safety, health, and planning.

Review the information provided in these sections to learn what questions you should ask and what resources are available to help you.  Use the Contact Us link on the top right to request assistance with specific countries.

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