Hiring Locally to Support a Multi-Person Project


Depending on the specific kind of support your project needs and the country where you are working, paying someone locally to help support your project may be a regulated activity. Local labor laws may prohibit direct cash payments for work, even for short-term assignments, and require a formal hiring arrangement.  Yet hiring staff may present bureaucratic and resource requirements disproportionate to your project’s support needs. Skirting the regulations will expose you to significant risks, including stiff financial penalties for noncompliance, and may compromise the safety of your project. 

It is possible to arrange support services lawfully without placing undue burden on your project.  Options include using a personnel employment agency, reaching agreement with a local partner to hire staff, and (in certain limited cases) contracting with an independent consultant. 

Review the following sections for information to help you identify options, and learn what questions you should ask and who to call for guidance.  You may also use the Contact Us link on the top right to request assistance with a specific situation or country.

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