Leasing, Purchasing & Hiring Overseas

Renting and Purchasing Vehicles Outside the U.S.

You may rent a vehicle outside the U.S., but rental agencies will require that you do so under your own name. You may need to obtain an international driver’s license prior to your trip in order to rent a vehicle. You may visit any office of the Automobile Association of America (AAA), regardless of your membership status, to obtain an international driver’s permit or visit the AAA website.

Yale’s insurance coverage will only apply to vehicle rentals for Yale business taking place in the contiguous United States. In these 48 states, you may waive the collision damage coverage. If you are renting a car in any other location, you must purchase liability and physical damage insurance from the rental agency.  For additional information, visit the Yale Travel Management webpage.

University employees should not purchase vehicles used to conduct Yale activities in their own name. If you are faced with a situation where an individual purchase seems required, please contact your business manager to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made regarding title, insurance and other matters relating to such vehicle.