Health insurance

Both Yale Health (YH) and Aetna provide coverage overseas.  Yale Health coverage applies, however, only for urgent or emergency care. Urgent/emergency services are for non-routine or non-preventive conditions needed in order to prevent the serious deterioration of a member’s health following an unforeseen illness, injury or condition.

In a medical emergency, seek care and contact Yale’s travel assistance provider International SOS or your health plan as soon as possible. Please refer to the appropriate section below for additional information on coverage from YHP, Aetna, and International SOS (ISOS). If the local hospital requires payment upon treatment, International SOS can either help to facilitate payment or issue a payment guarantee to the hospital.

  • Yale Health
    In an emergency, seek care and notify Yale Health Care Coordination ((203) 432 7397) within 2 business days. Refer to the YHP Member Handbook or for policy details. 
    Employee members of Aetna have medical insurance coverage while traveling overseas.  Coverage mirrors that provided to the employee for healthcare received in the U.S.  Members are responsible for paying for medical services and submitting claims to Aetna for reimbursement.  Refer to Yale’s HR Benefits webpage to access Aetna plan documents.
  • International SOS (ISOS)
    Yale community members are automatically enrolled in the ISOS travel assistance program, which can help in the case of a medical emergency or problem overseas. If a serious injury or illness has occurred and treatment at a medical facility is not available, contact ISOS using the contact information found on the ISOS member card. ISOS will assist, monitor and coordinate your situation until it has been resolved (or you are no longer in danger). Be sure to carry the ISOS member card for emergency contact numbers.

    In addition, travelers on Yale related business (including students traveling on study abroad programs, doing research, attending conferences, or student organization travel) have coverage for up to $250,000 in out-of-country medical expenses for treatment for accidents or sicknesses that occur while traveling. This coverage includes 14 days of personal travel deviation. If a traveler extends his/her trip, either before or after the Yale business component of the trip, e.g., to tour the area or visit another country, this coverage will still apply up to a maximum of 14 days.

    Note: This coverage does not apply to travel for 100% pleasure purposes (vacation, family business, etc), but evacuation and assistance services are still covered.

    Note: This coverage does not apply to treatment rendered in the United States.

  • Travel Health Insurance
    If you are not covered abroad, or have incomplete coverage, you may purchase health insurance that provides coverage while you are overseas.  Two such programs are offered by HTH Worldwide and UnitedHealthcare Global, or consider using an online tool such as Insure My Trip to compare and identify appropriate international travel health insurance coverage.  The International Operations & Compliance Committee has not reviewed the information on the Insure My Trip website to verify its thoroughness or accuracy and therefore travelers are advised to do their own due diligence before using this site and purchasing insurance.
  • Long Term Overseas Assignments
    If you will be overseas for a semester or longer, Yale has a special plan that can provide comprehensive medical coverage for employees while overseas. To learn more or enroll in this plan, please contact the Yale Employee Service Center in advance of your travel.