About the International Operations & Compliance Committee

The International Toolkit is a product of Yale University’s International Operations & Compliance Committee (IOCC).  The IOCC, established in 2008, is a cross-functional team that supports Yale’s international activities by helping the University meet operational challenges and compliance requirements and by providing guidance to faculty, staff and students engaged in activities outside the United States. 

Members of the Committee include: Deputy General Counsel and Director International Legal Affairs (Co-Chair); Executive Director, International Affairs (Co-Chair); Director, Tax Department (Co-Chair);  Director, Employee Relations, Human Resources; Senior Contract Manager, Office of Grant and Contract Administration; Risk Manager, Office of Enterprise Risk Management; and International Operations Compliance Manager.

Contact Information

Contact us for assistance with an international operations need by sending an email to carolyn.marks@yale.edu or calling 203-436-9049.  We also appreciate your feedback for improving this website.