Economic Sanctions and Embargoes

Licenses and Exemptions

Depending upon the nature of your planned activities, it may be possible to obtain a license or conduct your work under certain narrow exemptions to U.S. economic sanctions and embargoes programs.

  • Yale may apply for a license to conduct certain kinds of transactions, transfer materials or data, or provide services to individuals and entities in sanctioned and embargoed countries (an example is a license allowing for educational travel to Cuba).
  • The U.S. Government may issue a general license that establishes parameters within which particular kinds of activity may be allowed by specific categories of persons under certain conditions.
  • Sanctions programs can include narrow exemptions, for example carving out trade of informational material (within limits) from the Iran embargo.  

Keep in mind that the process of preparing and obtaining licenses can be lengthy and time-consuming.  Contact Donald Deyo, Director of Corporate Contracts and Export Control Licensing, or the Office of the General Counsel, to request guidance on the existence and applicability of exceptions, including licenses.   Cuba-specific questions should be directed first to the Office of the General Counsel.

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