Policy Links

Yale’s policies apply to the University activities of faculty, students, post-docs and staff, whether those activities are on campus or elsewhere, including overseas.  Most of those policies may be found on the Yale Policies & Procedures website.  Faculty-specific policies are on the Office of the Provost’s website.  Below is a listing of select Yale policies that have particular relevance to international activities.


Standards of Business Conduct

Data Privacy and Security

Policy 1601 Information Access and Security

  • Click here for all Yale Technology and Security policies, procedures and forms

Secure Computing

Reporting Lost or Stolen Data and Devices

Human Resources

Policy on Relationships between Yale and International Entities

Policy 3303, Gifts from University Funds

  • Click here for all Yale policies and procedures

Policy 3201, Purchasing Policy

  • Click here for all Procurement policies, guides and forms

Payments to Non-US Persons (Non-Resident Alien) Policy and Guides


Animal Research/IACUC

Human Research Protection Policy 450:  International Research

  • Click here for all Yale Human Research Protection policies and guidelines

Policy 3210, Professional Services and Consulting

Policy 3415, Payments to Individuals who are Neither Citizens nor Permanent Residents of the U.S.

  • Click here for all Tax policies and guides

Policy 3301, Travel on University Business

  • Click here for all Travel-related policies, procedures and forms

Policy 3302, Business Meals, Entertainment, and Other Social Events

Policy 3305, Long-Term Activity Expense Advances

Yale University International Travel Policy for Yale College Students