Hiring or Placing People Abroad

As Yale becomes a truly global university and our faculty, staff and students engage in a greater number and variety of initiatives abroad, the complex array of local requirements that impact hiring and employee placements overseas will increasingly affect our plans and activities.  Labor laws, taxation and social fund obligations, and immigration requirements (to name but a few) vary considerably from one country to another and tend to be quite different from regulations in the U.S.   

This section of the Toolkit is designed to help you meet human resources needs overseas, understand what considerations and questions require consultation, and point you to resources at Yale that will help you find appropriate solutions and approaches. 

Note that any time you go abroad to work on Yale’s behalf, or hire or place other Yale employees overseas, you are responsible for knowing and abiding by relevant Yale policies and procedures, U.S. laws and regulations, and local requirements and expectations.

To request assistance with a specific overseas employment situation, you may also use the Contact Us link on the top right.

Important Reminders

Use the following additional resources to promote safe and successful overseas experiences.

Employee safety and wellbeing: 

Yale faculty and employees traveling outside the U.S. should refer to Yale’s international travel orientations before departure for guidance and to download checklists with travel safety, health, and planning tips. 

Long-term postings:

Any Yale faculty or staff member who will be stationed overseas for six months or more should contact Human Resources for help with making sure payroll and benefits arrangements will be handled appropriately during the absence.

Restrictions on activities: 

Some U.S. laws continue to apply to U.S. persons traveling overseas and local laws not only may vary greatly but some are more restrictive than their counterparts in the U.S.  Data privacy and security, anti-bribery laws, and import and export regulations are some examples.  For more information on these topics, visit the “Restricted Activities” section of this website and contact the Office of the General Counsel for assistance.

Technology and connectivity overseas:

Be sure you understand the risks and restrictions connected to taking laptops and other electronic devices abroad.  Visit the Yale ITS website for information about secure wireless connections while traveling; protecting data and information on your computer and other devices; and information about accessing your email and other online applications at Yale.

To learn more about your destination:

The Countries section contains information about Yale’s activities by country, and links to country-specific resources, including culture, language tools, road conditions and transportation information, news, health and safety concerns, currencies, weather, career opportunities, per diem rates, and more.

Use the Contact Us link on the top right to request assistance with specific countries or situations.