Hosting International Visitors on Campus

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) is responsible for ongoing relationships with institutions abroad.  The OIA can help with planning a visit to ensure it proceeds smoothly, scheduling high-level meetings on campus for visiting senior officials, and ensuring that proper procedures are observed.  The OIA will also know if an institution already has close ties to another part of the University.

If you will be hosting students or scholars from another country, visit the Office of International Students and Scholars website.

Use the Resources for Hosting International Visitors menu on the right to learn about additional campus and local resources that may be helpful.

Please contact the Office of International Affairs ( or ext. 2-6240) with questions or requests for assistance.

Protocols for Visits by Heads of State and Senior Officials

Please observe the following protocols when planning an event on campus that will involve visits by heads of state or senior officials from other institutions:

  • Invitations to heads of state may only be issued by the Office of the President.
  • Involve the Office of International Affairs (OIA) when planning visits by senior officials from overseas universities or government organizations (or anyone from such an institution who asks to see a senior official at Yale).