Hosting International Visitors on Campus

Ground Transportation

Taxi services:

  • Metro Taxi (203-777-7777):  prepaid debit cards and corporate account payments are accepted.  Be sure to meet the taxi as it arrives to minimize the possibility of the driver leaving.
  • Heritage (203-466-6666)

Car rentals:  be aware that the renter may need to obtain an international driving permit in order to rent/drive a car.  Requirements vary by state and the renter should check in advance of renting (click here for more information).  

  • Yale Travel Management website contains information on car rentals.
  • zipcars are also available for departmental use in providing transport for visitors.
  • Yale’s insurance does not cover visitors.  Please make sure they purchase insurance with the rental or have another means of providing insurance.

Private car services:  visit the Yale Travel Management website for information on discounted rates with preferred suppliers.

For more information on transportation options at Yale, visit Yale Travel Management Resources.