Hosting International Visitors on Campus

Health Matters

In advance of hosting any group, discuss the need for having health insurance with your guests and have a plan for emergency medical situations.   It may be prudent to have a written agreement for your event that includes a provision on health insurance requirements (see “Contracts and Agreements”).   Resources for healthcare and insurance coverage:

Health services

  • Yale Health:  contact Member Services for more information including use of external insurance coverage for Yale Health services.

Health insurance providers (medical expense coverage)

  • International SOS:  Yale’s travel assistance provider is also a resource for travel health insurance for visitors to campus.
  • UnitedHealthcare Global:  visiting individuals and groups can enroll in a UnitedHealthcare Global medical insurance plan.
  • HTH Worldwide offers medical insurance programs for U.S. travelers abroad as well as international visitors to the U.S.

Travel assistance providers (evacuation/repatriation coverage for health emergencies) – small group coverage is available for non-Yale affiliates traveling on a University-sponsored program.

Resources for emergency needs