Hosting International Visitors on Campus

Safety and Emergency Planning

As hosts, we are responsible for the safety of our guests.  Plan in advance what to do in emergency situations and make sure your guests receive the information they may need upon their arrival.  The following resources are available:

Yale Emergency Management:  Contact the Office of Emergency Management for guidance and/or to request an emergency response briefing.

  • Review the Emergency Response Guidebook.
  • Appoint someone within the group hosting the event (i.e., a Yale employee) to take responsibility for knowing what to do in an emergency and making sure that your visitors know of any emergency alert instructions and, if necessary, how to evacuate and where to muster.
  • Refer to the Event Management Emergency Planning communications handout for tips and resources on responding in an emergency while hosting a campus event.

Yale Police Department:  Notify the Police Department of groups that will be visiting campus.

The Yale Police Department will conduct safety briefings upon request (use the contact information listed above).