Procurement of Facilities, Goods & Services Outside the US


Finding and using facilities, goods and services while abroad requires planning. Certain Yale policies will apply to facilities and procurements outside the U.S., as will local laws and regulations. 

  • Note that any kind of procurement using Yale funds, whether in the U.S. or elsewhere, must comply with Yale’s procurement policies and procedures.  You are responsible for learning what requirements (Yale, U.S. and host-country) apply. 
  • Life safety, security, and health & safety standards in other countries vary, and may not be as stringent as in the United States.  Knowing what they are and how they may affect your activities will help you achieve a safe and successful outcome.
  • For an overview on importing and exporting goods and for links to information and resources at Yale, visit the Understanding Import and Export Restrictions page of this website.

Contact us to request additional help (including guidance on identifying host-country laws and standards), to provide feedback on this site, or to alert us to additional information we can include on this page.

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