Being an Educated Traveler

NOTE:  Effective January 1, 2019, the University has partnered with International SOS (ISOS) for global travel assistance.  The new program will continue to provide all of the travel assistance services members currently have and will include some new out-of-country medical expense benefits. 

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First, Register Your Travel…

Before you travel, be sure to register your travel plans on the Yale Travel Registry website so we can contact you to provide help in the event of a major emergency.  IMPORTANT:  You will need to login to the registry using your NetID and must use a Yale networked computer or a Yale VPN connection.

…Then Do These Five Things

The University strongly encourages all members of the University community who are contemplating travel abroad for educational or other purposes to plan well in advance and to take precautions to ensure a safe trip.

In addition to registering your travel, here are five other things you can, and should, do as soon as you know you will be traveling:

Will it expire soon and need to be renewed? If you do not have a passport, apply now (there may be long waits for U.S. passports). Check the visa requirements for each country you are visiting to see if you need a visa to enter that country. Yale rates for passport and visa services are available through CIBT.

Individual students should make an appointment either with Travel Health Services for Students at Yale Health Student Health Services, 203-432-8148 or with Passport Health at 203-288-3115 or For a fee, these travel health clinics will provide pre-travel consultation, education, vaccination, travel medications, and, if necessary, referrals.

Student groups wishing to schedule group travel consultations should contact Passport Health at 844-358-3733 or to request a Group Travel Education Session either on campus or at a local Passport Health clinic.

Faculty and staff should contact Passport Health at 203-288-3115 or to schedule a pre-travel consultation and obtain any needed vaccines, medications, or other travel health supplies.

Yale College students should contact the Yale College Center for International and Professional Experience, 203-432-8761.  Yale College Student Organizations should refer to the Domestic and International Travel website for Yale College. Students in the Graduate and professional schools should contact their school representatives.

Effective January 1, Yale’s travel assistance program transitioned to International SOS (ISOS) from UHC Global.  With ISOS, the Yale community gains access to more robust travel safety resources, including additional training and travel intelligence options, and, in most cases, supplemental out of country medical care coverage.  Starting in mid-2019, ISOS will provide Yale with a travel registry that is integrated with its travel assistance services as well.  All Yale community members will continue to be automatically enrolled in Yale’s travel assistance plan for both business and pleasure travel. 

Download, print and carry your ISOS membership card while you travel so you have ISOS emergency contact information if you need it:  Visit the ISOS online member center for destination-specific travel and security reports.

Travel assistance programs provide 24/7/365 service for Yale students, faculty, and staff (and accompanying family members) who are more than 100 miles from home.  Services include help with locating medical providers, paying medical bills, facilitating emergency evacuations, replacing lost documents, and more. 

Learn more about the new ISOS travel assistance for Yale members:

Yale’s International Travel Toolkits contain information, tools, and resources devoted to travel planning, health, safety, and conducting research abroad.  The module format, organized by topic, allows you to find answers to specific questions quickly or navigate through from beginning to end.  Access this resource by user group through the menu provided below.