planning - ug - financial needs

Plan to bring a combination of cash (though never carry too much at once), debit or ATM cards, credit cards, and traveler’s checks, if viable for your destination:

Tell your bank and credit card companies that you’ll be traveling

  • Ask if they charge foreign transaction fees
  • Ask if you’ll need a PIN to make purchases abroad

Clean out your wallet or purse

  • Take only the credit cards and ID you will need

Exchange some cash to your destination’s local currency to last the first couple of days

  • Exchange money at a bank before you leave the U.S. or get similar rates of exchange in the airport when you arrive

Find out about Arrival and Departure Taxes and Currency Restrictions

  • Be aware of any applicable arrival or departure taxes that you may encounter
  • Likewise learn about any restrictions your destination may have on how much currency you can enter and exit with

For information about researching the country you will visit, go to Learning about your Destination.