Yale Travel Registry: System Instructions and Access

Prior to recording travel in Yale’s travel registry, you will need to create and set up a user account. 

The account setup is a one-time process.  The steps required to set up an account will vary depending upon whether you already have an account with Veoci. The only information you will need to start the account setup is your Yale email address, NetID, and password. 

For instructions on how to set up your account select the appropriate option from the list below.  Most users at Yale should choose the first option.  If you run into any difficulties with any of the steps, please contact Carolyn Marks at carolyn.marks@yale.edu.

NOTE:  The system works best with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Select any filter and click on Apply to see results

  • How do I know if I already have a Veoci account?

    Most first-time users of the Yale Travel Registry will not already have a Veoci account.  That will be true of all students and faculty and most staff members.  Select the first option above to create and set up your account.  This is a one-time process.

    Veoci is used to power a couple of other applications on Yale’s campus used, for example, by the Emergency Operations Team (EOT) and by the Facilities department.  If you are an EOT member, you will already have a Veoci account and if you are a member of the Facilities Department staff, you may have a Veoci account.  Select the second option above to set up access to the Yale Travel Registry using your existing Veoci account.

    What if I get an “access denied” message after I’ve set up my account and am trying to register travel?

    Make sure you have clicked on the “Subscribe” button. 

    What if I mistakenly click “Cancel” instead of “Subscribe” or do not get prompted to subscribe?

    If you need the system to provide you with another “Subscribe” prompt, click this link:  https://veoci.com/veoci/p/dashboard/ntcx3gx2ts?preview=true#tab=filters.

    How do I get the Travel Registry mobile app?

    Download the “Veoci” app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and open it.  Enter your yale.edu email address and press submit.  Click the “Yale University CAS” button and enter your NetID and password.  Authenticate with DUO when prompted. Once you have authenticated, you will be redirected to the Travel Registry dashboard.

    How can I get help if I’m stuck?

    Email carolyn.marks@yale.edu to request assistance.