Should I make a travel health appointment?

Travel to certain countries will require one or more vaccinations or the taking of a course of medication to protect against diseases such as malaria, hepatitis A and B, encephalitis, meningitis, polio, rabies, tetanus, typhoid, yellow fever, and influenza. You are strongly advised to schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to your trip to obtain medical advice and start any necessary course of treatment.  Note that these services are typically fee-based and may not be covered by your health insurance.

Individual students may make an appointment with either Travel Health Services for Students at Yale Health Student Health Services, 203-432-8148; Passport Health at 203-285-3485 or; or their personal physician

Student groups wishing to schedule group travel consultations should contact Passport Health at 203-285-3485 or to request a Group Travel Education Session either on campus or at a local Passport Health clinic.

Faculty and staff may contact Passport Health at 203-285-3485 or, or their personal physician, to schedule a pre-travel consultation and obtain any needed vaccines, medications, or other travel health supplies.

Updated: 09-01-2017