Overseas Hiring and Placement

In most situations, Yale is not able to directly employ individuals outside the U.S. 

However, it may be possible to identify other solutions to support your school’s, department’s, or program’s overseas HR needs.  It is important to involve the IOCC in discussions of overseas hiring and placement as early as possible because staffing solutions will usually take many weeks (and sometimes months) to put in place, primarily due to the complex array of local requirements that apply.

When you submit a hiring request to the IOCC, the committee will review local labor laws, immigration and work authorization requirements, and tax regulations, as well as your budget, program needs, position classification, and the nature of the work, in order to determine what solutions may be available.  Potential solutions may include one or more of the following:

  • Working with a host-country partner;
  • Basing the employee in the U.S. and relying on frequent travel; or
  • Hiring through a Professional Employment Organization;
  • Structuring the position as an independent contractor; or
  • Engaging the employee through a local Yale entity.

To start, please complete the relevant International Hiring and Placement Questionnaire (along with any additional detail that may be relevant) and submit as indicated below:

We also recommend review of the following Yale policies and guidelines:

For assistance, contact the IOCC at iocc@yale.edu.