Other Useful Resources

Assn for Safe Int'l Road Travel

Yale University faculty, students and staff can access ASIRT’s extensive database of information about travel safety and availability, road conditions, regulations, and emergency information including useful contact numbers.  Select a country and download an ASIRT report.  Access requires a NetID and password.

CDC Traveler's Health

Find health tips for over 200 destinations, including current health notices and warnings, information about disease prevalence and prevention, and what you can do to stay healthy while on the road.

Country Calling Codes

Look up the international area code for another country and get information about making international phone calls from the U.S.

OANDA (currency conversion)

OANDA offers an online currency conversion tool that can provide you with both current and historical conversion rates.

The Time Now (time conversion)

Visit this website for local time, time zones, date, weather, holidays and more.

Translation Resources

Apex Translations, Transperfect, Ubiqus, and LinguaLinx provide document translation services, as well as audio and film translation.  Transperfect and Ubiqus also offer interpretation services.

U.S. Embassies and Consulates

The U.S. State Department provides a country-by-country (and in some cases city-by-city) directory of U.S. embassy and consulate websites.  The websites feature recent news, culture, educational programs (including exchanges), and other items specific to that country.  You will also find a direct link to U.S. Citizen Services, where you will find content on emergencies, safety, and contact information.

U.S. State Dept Country Pages

The U.S. State Department International Travel page contains a country-by-country list of information including travel warnings, limits on how much currency travelers can bring into the country and leave with, and guidance on health and safety concerns.

Visa Requirements

Visa requirements vary by country and by the nationality of the traveler.  Yale maintains an account with visa service CIBT to assist with the Yale community’s visa needs. Visit their website to determine whether you will need a visa for your upcoming travel.