Updates and Reminders

YourYale Covers ISOS Travel Assistance

Learn about Yale’s travel assistance program with International SOS in the April 22, 2024 issue of YourYale, the staff newsletter.

Register your Travel

Before you depart, register your travel plans with Yale.  If we know where you’ll be when going abroad, we can reach you in the event of a serious emergency.

Laptop Loaner Service

Contact Yale’s IT Department to request a loaner laptop if you will be traveling overseas, especially to destinations where data theft is a concern.  Review these ten tips for secure travel from Yale Information Security. 

International Travel & Data Hygiene

All Yale community members traveling with university devices are reminded to practice good data hygiene when leaving the U.S.  Using a clean loaner laptop is a best practice.  If that is not possible, remove all sensitive data, including research data, HIPAA- or other protected categories of data, and personal information from your laptop and other electronic devices before you leave the U.S.  Please review Yale’s export control guidance related to travel with electronic devices and ITS travel security guidelines for details and resources. 

Individuals departing Yale are reminded that research and other data generated within or on behalf of Yale belongs to Yale and must remain behind. 

ITS Secure Travel Tips

Before you travel, review ITS’ Secure Traveling cybersecurity guidance.

Travel Resources at Yale

Please visit Yale University’s Travel Resources page for updated information about university travel policy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yale Policy on International Research, Programs and Activities

Policy 7000, International Research, Programs and Activities, was released on January 21, 2020.  It applies to all Yale-affiliated individuals (including faculty, post-doctoral appointees, visiting faculty, staff, trainees, and students) who engage in certain kinds of research, programs, or activities occurring outside the United States. 

Safe Summer Travel

Read Yale’s “travel during summer break” email to access travel resources and tips for planning, dealing with emergencies, and reducing risks.

CDC Measles Advisory

If you will be traveling this summer, please review this CDC Guidance on Measles during the Summer Travel Season.