The Toolkit provides assistance to Yale University faculty, students, post-docs and staff conducting international activities, whether abroad or on campus. The Toolkit has two main functions:

  • Give the Yale community a central point of access to resources at Yale and elsewhere that support our international activities.
  • Provide information and tools to enhance safety, reduce risks, and assist the Yale community with the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to international activities.

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What's New?

Register Your Travel

Before you depart, register your travel plans with Yale.  If we know where you're going to be when you're going abroad, we can reach you in the event of a serious emergency with assistance and, if necessary, coordinate an evacuation.

Things to Leave Behind (when you travel abroad)

Before you go, read OSAC’s short discussion of import restrictions that U.S. travelers to other countries may not expect:  electronic devices, prescription and over-the-counter medicines, and even non-biodegradable plastic bags can run afoul of other countries’ requirements.  Requires an OSAC login (members of the Yale community may request a copy by email).  For more information about import and export restrictions for travelers, click here.

ITS Technology Tips for Safe Travel

Before you travel, read these tips from Yale ITS on steps you should take, especially if you are planning to use your smartphone, cell phone, laptop, tablet or other technology when overseas.

Resources for Hosting International Guests at Yale

Hosting foreign visitors on campus entails coordinating many different kinds of resources to ensure that our guests feel welcome and safe, and that their stay at Yale is a success.  The Toolkit’s newest page “Resources for Hosting International Visitors on Campus” provides guidance on campus protocol and serves as a single source for information about housing, health, visas, transportation, and more.

Contact Us

Request help on any aspect of international operations or tell us how we can improve this website.

Country Resources

An annotated directory of online resources containing country-specific guidance.

Everyday Tools

Currency conversion, per diem rates, time zones, weather and more.


Guidance for Yale faculty and staff on issues related to working overseas.

International Agreement Tool

Support for Yale faculty and staff in drafting agreements with overseas partners.  Requires a NetID and password.


Find resources and guidance organized by user group (faculty, staff, student, or post-doc) and type of international activity.

The Exchange

Share information, ask questions, and network with Yale colleagues about international events planning and travel logistics (read more).